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Child Help In Leadership, Democracy, Rights and Education in Nigeria (CHILDREN) Project is a developmental, child-right, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Nigeria. It takes special interest in matters that concern women. This is in realization of the fact that any deprivation and brutality meted on woman impacts directly on children. It was established in 1994 as a response to the continual degeneracy in socio moral and academic standard of the Nigerian child.

To get all Nigerian citizens educated within the shortest possible time.

Elimination of all inhibitions that come between any child and good basic education in Nigeria.

To use research finding as advocacy tool to protect the conventional Rights of the Child and sensitize the society in general and various governments and other policy makers in particular, on the state of the child in Nigeria with a view to helping them with moral, intellectual as well as technical supports to play their individual and collective roles towards making adequate provisions that will make child education in Nigeria gender-balanced, equitable, adequate, qualitative, functional, accessible, affordable, holistic and worthwhile.


To press for full implementation of the UN convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 26 (i – iii) of the UN 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Nigeria.

To press, advocate and work assiduously for the incorporation of the teaching of the working of democracy and values of Human Rights as expoused in the Rights of the Child, and other similar instruments in all educational institutions.

To work for the enthronement of legal and social order where all forms of child abuse e.g. harmful socio-cultural practices like child-labour, child marriage, child exploitation and deprivation will be eliminated.

To educate the populace on how to eliminate socio-cultural and religious practices that hinder socio-economic and political empowerment of women in Nigeria.

To advocate for free maternal health care and press for free health services for the Nigerian child.

To advocate for the enforcement of proper and appropriate family planning scheme with a view to making sure that all children of any family are well educated.

To work closely with Motherless Babies’ Homes and Orphanages, as well as Remand Homes with a view to ensuring their compliance with national and international standards in their operations.

To cooperate and encourage government at all levels to provide school and educational facilities, materials and infrastructures for Nigerian schools.

To work, cooperate or collaborate with other local and international organisations and persons that share similar views, to achieve these objectives.

To make a free legal aid services available and accessible to victims of child rights violations.



In order to ameliorate the degenerating condition of the Nigerian child henceforth, and to achieve the set objectives of this initiative forthwith, CHILDREN programme shall take the form of:
Elaborate public enlightenment and educative activities through the use of print and electronic media to include posters, handbills, jingles and other press slots; picketing, rallies, seminars, workshops, lectures, songs, drama, publication of periodicals and other forms of internationally accepted media of campaign.

Advisory and monitoring services to private school owners and various government agencies and organs on school policy implementation and curricular development

Massive and consistent campaign against child abuse in all its ramifications and manifestations

Legal actions against erring persons (including the Child’s parents) or authorities (Including the State).


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